Tuesday, January 16, 2007

How To Impress Girls (Not)

Last week, I put my dog into my car and prepared to take her to the vet. It was a cold morning and the windows were still quite frosted. I started the car, turned on the defroster and gave it a few minutes as I sat in my seat and pet my dog. When I felt enough time had passed to make my job of scraping my windows easier, I moved to step out of my car to begin the task at hand.

Through a good spot in my window, I saw one of my prettier neighbors walking down the sidewalk with her dog. I'm no scoundrel but I don't deny the more flirtatious part of my personality. My wife and I are not jealous people and are always happy to turn on the charm a bit for people of the opposite sex. And so I see my neighbor walking my way and I am glad that I happen to look fairly presentable this morning. I look cool and now it is time to say something cool.

Stepping out of my car with ice scraper in hand and a friendly smile upon my clean shaven face, I am about to say hello to her when my peripheral vision spots something most uncool. My car is slowly rolling backwards and away from me. I had forgotten to reapply the parking brake. Shit. No time for hellos with pretty ladies. I have to chase after my car and fix my mistake. I hopped in, braked, and then accelerated in first gear gently and briefly back to the curb. My windshield, still covered with ice, played a nice role in hiding my embarrassed face from the world outside. When I finally emerged from my vehicle of humility, my neighbor had long since walked on.

I just hope she doesn't have a blog. That's a story worthy of a post, for sure.


Leesa said...

I love it!
I can see you now chasing that car with your dog in it :)

Lynnster said...

Hahaha! This story is a classic!!!

jag said...

You've inspired me to write about my similar embarassing moment. Stay tuned.

ceeelcee said...

Been there. Did that. Took out a set of steps.

Thami Mhlanga said...

LOL, wow now you really got her eye, and for your sake too I hope she doesn't have blog