Saturday, January 20, 2007

Who Among Us Didn't Love This Album As A Kid?

It's a lazy Saturday and my wife and I are listening to it. We remember most of the lyrics and it's so nice to see our little son as he listens to it with us. So far, his favorite part is the whistle in "Everybody Loves to Hear a Bird Sing."

01 I Love
02 Sneaky Snake
03 The Mysterious Fox of Fox Hollow
04 How to Talk to a Little Baby Goat
05 The Barn Dance
06 Ole Lonesome George the Basset
07 I Wish I Had a Million Friends
08 Everybody Loves to Hear a Bird Sing
09 I Like to Feel Pretty Inside
10 The Song of the One Legged Chicken
11 I Care
12 Let's Go Shopping Today
13 Fox Hollow's Animal Train
14 The Dancing Tree
15 Let's Play Remember
16 Randy Raccoon
17 The Duck and the Rooster
18 You Are a Star (Brittni's Song)

[That was weird. I just happened to think of Tom T. Hall's children's album this morning. I'm not sure why, but it was nice to think of it and then pull it up on Rhapsody and enjoy it again. Just now, I clicked onto and saw a feature on the very same album (released in 1974). Quite the coincidence.]


Anonymous said...

two things come to mind when i
see this album. one is that both
you and your brother matthew used
to listen to it all the time and
also bobby played on it as well.
you and matthew used to love
the song "sneaky snake". mom

CHEZ BEZ said...

Hi Mom,

I had no idea that Bobby played on that. Not surprised though. Very cool.