Monday, January 01, 2007

San Francisco Beat Denver?

All in the Titans organization have to be sick about that. Ugh.

Moving on. 2007 opponents have been determined. An away game against Denver to take on Jay Cutler's Broncos. A home game match up against San Diego. Could Volek find himself under center against his former Titans?

I'm ready for the new season.

Let's just try to keep the head stomping to a minimum, please.

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Muffy said...

Oh booyah... I can't WAIT for us to kick Jay Cutler's butt. Not the Broncos, Cutler.

I have reasons for my animosity.

It'll be cool to see how the Titans unfold next year with room under the salary cap to pick up a couple of free agents (a new corner? yes please) and maybe lose a few of our own (bye bye Bennett?) but Vince... he'll always be my boy!

Cutler can bite me.