Friday, January 12, 2007

One Way To The Future

Officer: Didn't you see the arrows?
Driver: Heck, officer. I didn't even see the Indians.

As further proof that being a three year old in 2007 is so very different than being a three year old in 1973 (me), my younger son and I had the following exchange today while walking through a parking garage:
Him: What's that, Daddy?
Me: That's an arrow. It's painted on the ground so that the cars know which way to go.
Him: Oh, that's right. An arrow. An arrow is for clicking.
Me (smiling): Yes. I suppose it is.


Leesa said...

That's great :)

Paul Chenoweth said...
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Paul Chenoweth said...

Certainly, the language of newer generations will be influeced by their exposure to technology. I wonder if he has any idea what a mousetrap is for *grin*?

Ginger said...

That is so cute!!!
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