Tuesday, January 30, 2007


While tidying up before bed, I just got my keyboard drunk. I thought the empty bottle was in my right hand and the almost empty one was in my left. While walking from the couch to the kitchen, I turned my right hand just so as I passed over the laptop. What was that sound I heard? The sound of liquid obeying gravity and falling onto my powered off laptop's keyboard.

Hurriedly, I ran a cloth over the keys and then turned it on for a test spin. So far, so good. But the alcohol on its breath is none too pleasant.

What should I do now? (Or what should I have done immediately following the spill?)

Ugh. Well, off to bed for me. I hope I have a working laptop in the morning. Otherwise ugagrad1995 is gonna be way pissed at me.

[Update: All is still working fine the morning after. The space bar is a bit sticky but otherwise functional. I figured it was time for a proper cleaning and popped up one key to get started. Man, it's filthy underneath! But now I can't get that key back on. I may just take it to a computer repair shop and ask them to give my laptop a thorough cleaning.]

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Leesa said...

Whew...good thing. That would have freaked me out.