Friday, January 05, 2007

So That's Where My Wife Was

Why was my wife in St. Barths and why was she dressed like a man? The answer revealed in the news story below.
Bon Jovi “manhandled” at party!

Washington, Jan 05: Rocker Jon Bon Jovi would not have minded being groped by an admiring female fan, however, when the person who grabbed his posterior happened to be a man, he had a very different reaction.

The rocker and his pals were partying at a yacht club on the Caribbean island of St Barths recently when another male guest grabbed Bon Jovi’s bum.

An insider at the do revealed that Jovi had been furious at being “manhandled”, but before he could get into an altercation with the man, his pals intervened and settled the matter.

"Naturally, Jon wasn`t best pleased at being manhandled, but his pals piled in before he could said anything," the Mirror quoted the insider, as saying.

As for what happened to the reveller who can now boast that he pinched Jovi’s bottom, well it seems the altercations turned quite “heated” before he was eventually thrown out of the party by security.

"It all got quite heated and the man was thrown out by security," the insider added.

Bureau Report with ANI inputs


Paige said...

Lucky man!! *SIGH*

lissac67 said...

Lucky, lucky man!!