Friday, August 25, 2006

At The Dog Park

Or as my canine calls it, The Dawg Park.

She's an UGA-line English Bulldog and is social as the day is long. When we first brought her into our home, we would go to Franklin's dog park most weekends and watch her run around with all of the other dogs.

In our apartment complex, we made friends with another couple who had a young puppy. Our Georgia would play with their Zooey when we got home from work each day. It was good for the dogs and good for us.

A few years have gone by. We have had two kids since then, and our Georgia doesn't get the exercise and love that she used to. That's OK to a point. She is a breed that is happy to lay around the house and not exert too much energy. However, I can still be a better dog owner. And what better way to improve my social circle than to take my dog to a place full of dog lovers like myself.

And so, weather permitting, Paige and I will take the kids and the sweet dawg to one of Nashville's dog parks on Sunday. Now to decide which one to go to. The one by Centennial Park or the Shelby Dog Park? Dog lovers and fellow bloggers, which one do you like?

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