Saturday, August 26, 2006

Throat Fleas? I've Got Those Too

Shauna over at *o, pish posh!* describes something that I hate that I relate to.

Throat Fleas.

They made me consider staying home from work today. And then, mere minutes into my workday, as I was contemplating a ten hour nap while on the clock if I could just find somewhere to hide, I hated myself for not calling off.

I now sit in my favorite chair, sufficiently drugged, and am contemplating calling off tomorrow. But I know I won't. I know me too well. I can't stand to hear a manager not believe I'm sick when I really am. So, throat fleas for all my coworkers!


shauna said...

I hope that by "sufficiently drugged" you don't mean "I gargled some Frontline."

Chez Bez said...

lol I had to look up Frontline. My first thought was, "How would I gargle a PBS tv show?"

Yeah, my people drug of choice was NyQuil. ;)