Friday, August 25, 2006

In Memoriam: Tara Cole

The Tennessean newspaper reports that two suspects have been arrested in the murder of Tara Cole. While sleeping on a downtown Nashville pier, she was pushed over the side into the river where she drowned.

Nashville's homeless community and others who care kept a vigil downtown for ten days until her body was found. Did the media attention play a large role in the quick work by Metro police or were her killers caught just as they would have been regardless?

Thanks to surveillance video of the two men and interrogation, Timothy Webber, 21, of Tribble Lane in Lebanon and Josh Dotts, 22, of Smalling Road in Lafayette were arrested and charged with Tara Cole's murder. A news report this morning quotes them as saying that they did it "for kicks."

A related story on homelessness is here.

The following is a poem by Charles Bukowski:

Trashcan Lives

the wind blows hard tonight
and it's a cold wind
and I think about
the boys on the row.
I hope some of them have a bottle
of red.

it's when you're on the row
that you notice that
is owned
and that there are locks on
this is the way a democracy

you get what you can,
try to keep that
and add to it
if possible.

this is the way a dictatorship
works too
only they either enslave or
destroy their

we just forgot

in either case
it's a hard


jag said...

That's so sick. I hope they get very severe punishment for that.

Leesa said...

I too believe sometimes that media or power solves a case quicker.
Great Bukowski.