Thursday, August 17, 2006

I Smell Celebrity Endorsed MLM

I've come into contact with a lot of crazy multi-level marketing scams. This claim just sounds like yet another one.

Says David Copperfield: I've found the Fountain of Youth.

"I've discovered a true phenomenon," he told Reuters in a telephone interview. "You can take dead leaves, they come in contact with the water, they become full of life again. ... Bugs or insects that are near death, come in contact with the water, they'll fly away. It's an amazing thing, very, very exciting." more>>


Tim said...

Yeesh. Is this water tainted with crack?

Anonymous said...

They sound more like tahna leaves.
You know, the ones that brought the Mummy back to life.

cybernetictransposition said...

I guess discerning what genuine from the fake is the best way to engage on multi level marketing