Saturday, August 19, 2006

Brazilian Girls Bring Talk To La Bomb

I just listened to two songs from the Brazilian Girls' new release. Their first CD was breathtakingly wonderful. With a fresh vibe and a very sexy feel, it was easily one of my favorite new finds. (Side note: They are not from Brazil and there is only one female in the group.)

I'm always excited to hear music that sounds like nothing I have heard before. Brazilian Girls makes music that fits that bill for me. It's all very global. Maybe it could be described as a bit trip-hop and a bit electronica, but it also has a very earthy and warm tone to it that is not often found in those genres. I listen to their self-titled first release and feel that I am traveling the globe to the sexiest and sultriest destinations. I'm in an upscale Argentine nightclub being seduced by a wealthy heiress one minute and I'm freely wandering the streets of Paris with a young bohemian artiste the next.

Some people keep that Barry White CD around for romantic dinners at home. I'll make sure I always have Brazilian Girls at the ready. Smooth and cool and hypnotic, this is mood music at its greatest.

Now a new CD is upcoming and two new songs have been made available to my anxious ears. The first track is called "Last Call" and it's maddeningly disappointing. The music is quite uninteresting and derivative. Of course, the vocals are still beautifully affecting. Singer Sabina Sciubba could nag me for a lifetime and I would fall in love with her more with each aural assault.

The best I can do for the song though, is to compare it to a bad Thompson Twins song from the '80s. I like the Thompson Twins, but if you can imagine them at their worst, that's kind of what I hear in this song. It's a single for the sake of a single, and nothing more.

More promising is the second song. It's named "Jique" and was first heard on their Live in NYC release. A bit more abrasive than what I am used to from them, it comes across as something Trent Reznor might have produced. It's got a real dirty synth thing going for it and is very sexy as a result. I just hope that "Jique" is more representative of their new album than "Last Call."

The new album is titled Talk To La Bomb and drops September 12 from Verve Forecast. It was produced by the band along with Ric Ocasek and Mark Plati and much of the album was composed as it was being performed and produced. Whether I will like it as much as their debut remains doubtful, but I'm still excited about its release.

I'm ready to travel the world with them again.

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