Sunday, August 20, 2006

An Idea With A Lot Of Mileage

Oh, how I'd love to drive a Vespa the six miles to work each day. With an average of 55 mpg and speeds up to 60 mph depending on the model, I wouldn't even blink at gas prices.

Article in Saturday's Tennessean here.

Trip report from Cannonball Run 2004 here.

The official Vespa website here.


gnightgirl said...

Putt-Putt, baby, I want one of those cute things too. Someone on my mom's neighborhood has a bronze-colored one, and I covet it.

Hurple said...

Want one even better on mileage? Check this one: The Tesla Roadster. That's the one I want!

newscoma said...

I love me a Vespa.