Friday, August 25, 2006

Pacman Arrested, And I Have An Opinion

Titans player, Pacman Jones, was arrested early this morning on charges of public drunkenness and disorderly conduct. Sharon Cobb broke the story on her site long before I saw any mention of it anywhere else.

The story is here. Just How Violent Is Pacman, Anyway?

Oops, sorry. That's a story about the Pacman, the video game.

Here is the story about Adam "Pacman" Jones.

An excerpt:
Jones was arguing with a woman he accused of stealing his wallet inside the club and passing it to one of her friends, according to police.

Officers said they ordered Jones to leave several times, but he refused and continued to shout profanities.

My thoughts?

Fair or not, he's way too high profile an individual to be drinking excessively in public. Surely he knows better, but who are we to judge? If the above excerpt is entirely true, I can see me losing my composure in the same situation. I've had too many drinks and a woman won't give me back my wallet? I get angry and try to get it back and security and police officers order me to leave and I still don't have my wallet? I can see the situation getting loud and out of control.

Pacman needs to be more like me.

He needs to always be at his most sober and polite in public and save his imbibing of alcohol for when he is in the safety and security of his own home. But I'm sure Jeff Fisher has given him that speech more than a few times before. Life is just easier when playing it safe. Go out and enjoy yourself. Listen to music and laugh with good friends. But know that if you are a high profile millionaire athlete, especially one who has had more than his share of "being in the wrong place at the wrong time" incidences, you will not get a break if you are drunk and angry in a public space.

I'm just your average factotum, and I stay out of trouble and save my small measures of drinking for when I am at home in my living room, listening to music and surfing the web with my dog by my side.

Now if I could just find my wallet.


gnightgirl said...

Well. It goes without saying: We should ALL be more like you.

Your wallet is in my camera bag.

Michael said...

I think it's time for Pacman to be cut....

I've had enough of him and we do not need his corrupting Vince Young.

SistaSmiff said...

He needs to grow the hell up. He's had a couple chances. This is ridiculous and should be deemed unacceptable.