Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Don't worry about me. I'm only venting.

The job's not paying the bills, but I stay for the health insurance that I can't afford the co-pays for. I've got two more physical therapy sessions next week at $25 per visit. Five nights a week, I eat tuna fish straight out of the can with a plastic fork in the employee cafeteria like a hobo by a railroad track. Family members all around me celebrate birthdays and it's all I can do to send them a card or give them a call. Of course, they're cool with that, but still...I'm not.

Enough venting, I've got lots of reasons for smiling. In a year or two, we'll make the move to Florida. On that little beach town, I can work at the ritzy hotel if I'm still doing that hospitality thing for a living. I see myself driving a scooter as my primary means of transportation. The island is small - 1.5 miles wide and 13 miles long. Even if money remains tight and the job isn't entirely fulfilling, there's always the wonderful therapy of taking a moment each day and looking out across the ocean. Sand between my toes, Dylan singing in my ears, and perspective and peace in my heart, my solace awaits.


newton said...

i can't say that we're in the same position financially, so i won't vent along with you too much. that being said, i know all too well about staying at a job for benefits that you only need because you're at the job and the desire to find shangri la.

hopefully one day soon you'll be in florida and i'll have my little piece of happiness that i can tell everyone about.

holly said...

And I'll be in the mountains, with my Vespa, living in my Airstream, listening to Dylan as well.

Thanks for this.

Melissa said...

This is my favorite, I think, of all of Dylan's songs.

Things will work out for you. I have faith that they must.

Klinde said...

I have some financial struggles as well and I know about venting. Yes, I drive a 15 year old car that could use a little, no A LOT of work. However, I have a husband and family I adore, a roof over my head, a job, food, clothing so I am rich in other ways. The same way you and Paige and the kiddos are rich...


Newscoma said...

I've had to think about this post, having seen it roughly ten days ago.
Yes. I'm in the same boat and yes.
Tired of doing the right thing, staying in a job I'm not too fond of (more about people I work with rather than the job) and wondering how satisfying it would be to let the wind blow through my hair as I waved goodbye for now.
I like that.
Sending many good thought to you and yours.