Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Vehicular High-Maintenance

Whatever. Turns out my alternator was in need of replacement. Parts and labor: $250. Depleted savings and relied on a loan I didn't want to need, but now there's a brand new alternator in the Honda.

I drove away and the jumping needles on the dash (speedometer and RPM) were still jumping. Troubleshooting on the way home, I decided that loose wires were being touched by my foot whenever I hit the clutch. Tap with foot = madness ensues on all things dash related. Once home, I played with them some more and now all needles and guages are stuck sky-high. The car drives fine, but my stomach turns just seeing a dash I cannot trust. I guess I'll go back and ask the guy to repair whatever that's all about. Of course, I'm all out of cash, so wish me luck that it's as simple as a no-charge five minute fix.

I'm this close to quitting my hotel job and getting a job at the hospital around the corner. I'm tired of driving anyway.


Gnightgirl said...

Apply for the brain surgeon job; I hear they make good $$$.

Sara Sue said...

You can't be a brain surgeon, you're too smart.