Friday, October 19, 2007

Quick Car Update, or, 'Check My Engine Light'

I talked to the guy on the phone this morning and, based on my description of the problem, he thinks I just have a loose wire. Um, that would be the car, not me. (I already know about my loose wires.)

Much worry over what may be nothing more than a $30 repair, or whatever labor would be on a quick fix like that. Maybe no charge at all. I went virtually sleepless the other night worrying about what turned out to be a weak battery on one vehicle and a loose wire on another? Is it time I join the rest of the culture and medicate my way around these worrisome tendencies in my head? I'm neither pro- nor anti-medication, I've just never really considered it for myself. But if I could smile and relax more, I might make for a less stressed out husband and dad.

I'm making an appointment with my doc soon to see if my back pain could possibly be kidney-related. Maybe I'll ask him what he thinks about the above as well. It's getting more and more interesting to be me.


Klinde said...

Good news, my friend.

Leesa said...

Very cool :)

Sara Sue said...

$30 Wow! I hope the back pain is that cheap!

Anonymous said...

My back pain was about 90 percent psychosomatic. I highly recommend the Sarno book, Ending Back Pain. All you do is read the book, and the pain is gone. I checked mine out for free from the public library. The theory is that when some people experience stress or emotional pain, their brain redirects that to the body to manifest itself as physical pain, therefore preventing you from acknowledging (and experiencing and dealing with) the mental and emotional.
Glad to hear your car trouble is minimal!

The Middle Child said...

You are so handsome... buy you knew that.