Monday, October 22, 2007

More ways to check-in to Nashville

From The Tennessean:

The idea behind the Hotel Indigo West End, which will open Friday, is to offer guests a sense of renewal, developer Richard Goodrum says. The quirky pieces of furniture, the tech-centric design and the fancy amenities are all meant to draw a new set of hotel guests in Nashville... more>>

Click here to see some nice photos of Hotel Indigo in other cities on Flickr.

I suggest they use Nina Simone's beautiful "Mood Indigo" for their telephone hold music.


Leesa said...

Very cool.. I will have to check this out one day :)

Beth said...

Oh, they should! You can never go wrong with Ms. Simone.

One of my best buds and I are talking about meeting in Nashville this spring. I'll have to remember this hotel.