Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Joy Amidst The Struggles

Angst and drudgery have got nothing on the good feeling some songs will give you.

There's thanks due to USA Today's Pop Candy blogger Whitney Matheson for turning me on to the overwhelming goodness that is Cannonball Jane's "Take It To Fantastic." Who is Cannonball Jane? Well, she's a humble elementary school music teacher by day who writes, performs, records and mixes her own songs in her home studio by night. Infectious is what "Take It To Fantastic" is. I'm reminded of The Go! Team's high-spirited sonic pep. Its keyboard's quick punches take me back to Kirsty MacColl's seductive and strong, "In These Shoes," while the pitch of her voice brings to mind the vocal stylings of Fleming McWilliams of Nashville's Fleming and John.

It's as if all of these artists got together and decided to write the sexiest song ever. I wish I liked the other songs on her MySpace page better. They are nice enough but really pale in comparison to the great hybrid of fun and excitement that is "Take It To Fantastic." Play and smile. Listen and be moved.

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Anonymous said...

Awesome, awesome song. I really like the other songs though too - Slumber Party is so wistful but with great beats! Thanks for the heads up!