Monday, October 15, 2007


It's after midnight and I just woke up from a late night nap I hadn't intended to take. Now wide awake and perusing blogs in a living room whose only sound is that of this laptop's hum, I have a Dylan song in my head. Well, I have a small bit of the song moving around up there, evading proper detection. Its lyrics? I can't pin them down. Not one word. I just have this little break-neck piece of the song on loop and it sounds groovy. But when I try to break the loop and take it to a part where I might know some words, I keep taking it to a Peter Himmelman song that I like.

As it happens, Peter Himmelman is Bob Dylan's son-in-law. It's nice that my otherwise scattered brain is keeping things in the family here, but this still doesn't help me find the title to the song in my head.

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