Saturday, October 13, 2007

Uga VI and friends

(picture taken by my wife and proud UGA grad, Paige)


malia said...

Ok, how slow am I? I just got the connection between y'all having a bulldog and being UGA fans.

chez b├ęziat said...

malia: Actually, I'm the humble Vandy fan in the family. My wife, however, is manic about her Dawgs.

Thanks for stopping by. ;)

Anonymous said...

tell Paige that i'll be in your
corner today rooting for our Vandy
team to win although the rest of
the time i'm rooting for her beloved Dawgs to win. Joshua and
Ari look absolutely precious at the hotel with Uga VI. especially
loved Ari's dress, but then you
know how much i love purple.
love yall a bunch - mom

claudia said...

oh the dog. the doooooooooog. i lost my beloved english bull 3 years ago. he was THE BEST. i never got another because i rusty was the best creature EVER. oh ummm, the kids are cute too...