Sunday, October 14, 2007

Well, I'll Be An Uncle's Monkey

My wife proudly took our four-year-old to his first Georgia Bulldog football game. I, of course, think of it as his first Vandy game. Parental biases aside, Joshua had the big time hanging with family and friends as the Bulldogs took on Nashville's Vanderbilt Commodores.

Sitting "on the shoulders of giants" (Uncle Ev and friends are all 6'5" plus), he took in the game better than I expected he might. Despite the 5 P.M. kickoff, he hung in there to the end with rapt attention to the on-field goings-on, with small breaks for a seemingly insatiable appetite for pizza and popcorn.

Alas, the game resulted in yet another Commodore loss. Joshua felt none of my pain though. He loved every minute of the contest. When I asked him this morning what his favorite part of the game was, expecting his answer to refer mainly to his more immediate surroundings instead of the game itself, he responded with, "I liked when they threw the football and I liked it when they catched [sic] the football."

I'm happy that he had such a good time at his first football game. Of course, since this is my blog and not hers, I'll end with...Go Dores!!!

(pictured: Ev, Joshua, and Granddad)


Ron said...

That's awesome. You're raising that boy up right.

Anonymous said...

Mike and Paige,

I know the good-looking guy in the right of the picture...Who are the fools in the center..?

--Your father